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UI and UX

We believe in concepts…more we believe in user-centered concepts and solutions. That is why have made of UI and UX development an essential part of our process. The distribution channels development trends impose to UI and UX development continuous enhancement. The smallest details could make the difference.

Web & Mobile App

Because the world is changing, because the distribution channels are in constant transformation…we need to think about the right solution to position a service or a product. We have put ourselves no limit in our thinking process, removing all the barriers before getting back to our clients’ needs and budget, putting all scenarios in front before moving through all the development traditional steps. Responsive, html5 based, hybrid or native solution…we can deliver all

Digital Marketing

Because there are over 600 million average daily users on Facebook today, with other 400k Mauritian facebookers. Because , 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone with 56% of them being a smartphone. Because the penetration of mobile in Mauritius have since the last 2 years exceeds  110%

we believe that digital marketing
is our future…


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